Paul Andrews

January 28, 2008

Am I that Paul Andrews?

Good day to you. There are a lot of Paul Andrews out there. This is the one I am.

Career journalist and columnist for The Seattle Times, co-author of a biography of Bill Gates, and lifelong bike nut. I covered the environment in the 1970s, wrote Sunday magazine features in the 1980s and covered technology in the 1990s, starting a weekly column on personal computers in 1989 that continued through 2005. Along the way I’ve also written for US News & World Report, the San Jose Mercury  News, Fortune magazine, The New York Times and other publications. I co-authored (with Stephen Manes) a biography of Bill Gates called Gates — How Microsoft’s Mogul Reinvented an Industry and Made Himself the Richest Man in America and wrote a book about Microsoft’s Internet “epiphany” called How the Web Was Won.

I began blogging in 2000, using Dave Winer’s UserLand Manila software. An early essay, “Who Are Your Gatekeepers?”, about the breakdown of publishing filters, got widely linked. It seemed obvious that the gatekeeping function of traditional media would disintegrate, which I thought was a good thing. I didn’t think as much about how Web journalism would get funded, which is a bad thing.

My first blog was called Hypodermia

My first blog was called Hypodermia

Currently I do a lot of Web work but not always credited. I’ve written for Seattle blog HorsesAss and online news site Crosscut. I maintain several sites for my wife Cecile Andrews, author of Circle of Simplicity and Slow Is Beautiful, including her personal site and her Living Room Revolution blog.

Cecile and I divide our time between Seattle and Santa Cruz, California, where we are part of a co-housing community called Walnut Commons. My most active blog right now is, mixing news, analysis and opinion on a variety of bicycling fronts. I’m an absolutely insane bicyclist and mountain biker. I go pretty much everywhere on bike in Seattle, because compared to car transit from my home near Green Lake I can match or beat point-to-point travel times to the University of Washington, downtown and most neighborhoods north of downtown. Most anywhere I’ve ever lived, including San Francisco, Palo Alto and now Santa Cruz, has been the same story. If a place isn’t within riding distance, I think hard about even going there.

Even snow can't stop me

Even snow can't stop me

For companionship there’s my bichon frise, Millie. All dog owners think their dog is the smartest, handsomest, best dog in the world. Only bichon frise owners are correct.

Terminally cute

Terminally cute

Thanks for stopping by. If I’m not the Paul Andrews you were looking for, best of luck finding him.



  1. Paul, I am trying to get in touch with you. Don’t have an email address or phone for yah (though still looking). This is the best bet I’ve found so far. Can we talk? All the best, will

    My office phone is 781-934-9800. Email: Facebook:

    Comment by Will Zachmann — August 21, 2009 @ 5:31 pm | Reply

  2. I apologize for what I recollect of my last e-mail to you. A hard crash of my disc drive has left it beyond recovery, but I do remember that there was a quantity of Scotch whiskey involved in it.
    In the last five years, Ive written ten books of Medieval historical fantasy (1,032,000 words). I’m trying to find an agent or a publisher. I can write, but I’m execrable at marketing. Any advice you could give me would be very much appreciated.

    Comment by Stephen Bird — November 5, 2009 @ 10:10 am | Reply

  3. […] Paul Andrews of Bike Intelligencer summed up the announcement and the campaign eloquently with his post Walk, Bike, Ride, yes. Spend? Um, err….” Where’s the money, Lebowski? […]

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  4. Hi Paul Andrews.
    I too am a Paul Andrews, and yes, it is crazy to see just how many of us there are out there, er, here, um…
    I’ve read some of your stuff and enjoy your tech articles.
    I’m less of a Eco-mentalist (to quote Jeremy Clarkson) than you are, but have finally changed my opinion on the fact that global warming may actually be occurring, due to the bleaching of coral in various parts of the world’s oceans.
    I still think Al Gore and his cronies are just simply exploiting the science as another way to squeeze taxes out of the common folk, but I have finally come around to the fact that actual science may actually be involved.

    As for sports, I enjoy squash (you call it racquetball), and attend daily spinning classes for cross training purposes.
    I am thoroughly enjoying riding the pants off of other class members, however, and may actually invest in a road-going bicycle in the not too distant future, so that I can do it to them in the real world too.
    Here in South Africa we have the Argus bicycle competition in March each year, in beautiful Cape Town.
    Perhaps we should consider finding other Paul Andrews’ with an interest in cycling, and enter a Paul Andrews team…?

    Kind regards and best wishes for 2011.
    Paul Andrews

    Comment by Paul Andrews — February 6, 2011 @ 6:51 pm | Reply

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